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These are the personalities in the anime and also manga series Doraemon. Likewise listed are their original NTV voice actors (1973), complied with by their TV Asahi voice stars (1979 ~ 2005; 2005 ~). Component of the 22nd century personalities are provided in The Doraemons.
Nobita Nobi (野比 のび太 Nobi Nobita?, English dub: Noby Nobi [4] is a 4th grader [5] (fifth grader in anime version) in Tokyo's Nerima Ward and also the only kid to his moms and dads. He puts on glasses, a red or yellow polo shirt with a clerical, and blue or black shorts. Nobita is usually crazy, uncoordinated, dimwitted, weak, sickly, childlike and also bad at sports.


Nobita's common day contains getting there late to institution, sleeping during course, scoring zero (00%) (F's in the English dub) on his examinations, getting reprimanded by his instructor, being aggravated by his classmates Gian and Suneo, dropping in the curbside gutter, having canines following him as he tips by chance on the dog's tail, obtaining based by his mother as she receives problems versus Nobita for not finishing his homework, and having a bad credibility among his good friends except Shizuka, who bears in mind Nobita's kind heart and also cares for him. He is likewise a coward that is terrified by almost everything, specifically ghosts, and a cry-baby (a running trick in the show has Nobita weeping and asking for Doraemon to draw out his devices, primarily at the beginning of the episode). He dislikes going on exterior activities with his passion being taking an afternoon nap or reading comics, usually right after school, which could last as much as midnight or even hence he misses out on dinner consequently. As a matter of fact, resting as well as comic book reading are possibly his only real pastimes; a tale discloses that Nobita could sleep in 3 seconds simply by shutting his eyes, while in others he chooses resting over crucial events, such as watching the very first sunup on New Year's Day. The only thing quiting him from remaining at home at all times, besides explore Doraemon's gizmos, is Gian and also Suneo bullying him to take part in baseball games or listening to objections from his moms and dads as well as Doraemon to go out and also play.

Despite the above flaws, Nobita is typically depicted as being kind-hearted, psychological, truthful, sometimes hard-working (like when he gets involved in a wager with his good friends) and also brave. He has commonly risked his life to assist conserve others or perhaps whole civilizations in full-length tales. Though he is revealed to be academically inadequate, the reason behind it is mostly his idleness, and he has actually additionally protected great marks in multiple episodes, verifying his qualifications. Nobita can be extremely serious and liable at times. Nobita is weak in virtually every element however does have several upsides. As an example, Nobita has superb marksmanship which rivals (or perhaps goes beyond) Dora the Youngster. He could additionally weave excellent string figures, is an excellent archer, or even a fairly good comic book doubter, owing to the substantial quantity of time he invests in reading them. He is likewise extremely imaginative when it involves using Doraemon's devices (in one episode, he had actually found a means to successfully use a gadget called 'the broadcasting mirror', for advertising, even when Doraemon himself couldn't consider any kind of usage for it).

In the initial record where Doraemon does not meddle, Nobita would certainly wed Jaiko - Gian's sis (although he just likes Shizuka), never locate a great work, start his own business, and ultimately go bankrupt. Despite every little thing, Doraemon succeeds on his objective of protecting against all these from happening, as seen in numerous episodes where they travel to the future. Nobita at some point weds Shizuka and ends up being a police officer in the Ministry of Environment.
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