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Born in the Warring States period of ancient China, Xin as well as Piao are war-orphans in the kingdom of Qin that dream of coming to be "Terrific Generals of the Heavens" to rise from their lowly terminals in life. One day, nonetheless, Piao is taken to the palace by a priest to be made use of for an unidentified function, leaving Xin alone as a household slave in a peasant town.

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 A couple of months later, Piao returns to the town on the brink of death, advising Xin to travel to another village. There he fulfills a kid that looks nearly similar to Piao, Ying Zheng, the present King of Qin. Xin learns that Piao acted as a body double for Ying Zheng, and also was mortally injured in a power struggle for the throne. Though at first furious at Ying Zheng for causing Piao's death, Xin determines to confiscate the chance and aid Ying Zheng in defeating his bro as well as recovering the Qin throne. Effective in this undertaking, Xin formally starts his life as a Qin commander on the field of battles of Warring States China with the objective of becoming the "Greatest General on the planet", and to assist King Zheng of Qin attain his imagine overall marriage, ending the constant war once and for all.

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