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The story is set in 1959 and also is informed with just a couple of short snatches of discussion, a lot of it in Gaelic. A down-on-his-luck illusionist (recognized by his name, "Tatischeff") watches his appeal and also work in Paris dry up. He loads his meager personal belongings and props, consisting of an angry white rabbit, and also transfers to London. There he discovers himself as the unnecessary act adhering to a popular rock band. In spite of his injured satisfaction, he embraces a nothing-to-lose perspective as well as continues layering his profession at yet smaller events in bars, cafés, and also exclusive celebrations.

He approves the invite of an intoxicated party customer, taking a long, sluggish quest to a remote Scottish island (Iona in the Inner Hebrides). The tiny village's pub has only lately been wired for electrical energy, and also he as well as his bunny are appreciated temporarily. Living modestly in a room over the club, the illusionist experiences a young girl called Alice who is astounded by his transcendent abilities as well as kind gestures, consisting of a present of brand-new red shoes. Competition from more modern kinds of home entertainment follow the illusionist also to this idyll, and he quickly goes on.

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Alice thinks the downtrodden entertainer possesses authentic supernatural powers, and follows him to Edinburgh, where he performs at a small, far-off cinema. They book an area in a review guest house favored by other fading performers (a triad of acrobats, a clown, and also a ventriloquist). The illusionist sleeps on a tiny sofa and the girl keeps busy by cleaning and also preparing food that she provides the next-door neighbors. The girl's loves also tame the rabbit, yet the illusionist's significantly meager earnings, showered on a series of gifts for Alice, lead him to pawn off his magic kit and also covertly take on more undermining works. The various other traditional entertainers end up being similarly clinically depressed as well as destitute.

Unable to muster up the courage to inform his starry-eyed admirer the truth about his fading trade, the illusionist proceeds offering until he has absolutely nothing even more to supply. Alice meanwhile finds the affection of a handsome young man, and also as soon as he sees them walking together, the illusionist chooses to leave her with money as well as move on. His last message is a letter that claims "Illusionists do not exist." Alice consequently relocates with her brand-new boyfriend. The illusionist releases the bunny on the verdant hillside of Arthur's Seat, where numerous other rabbits are seen. He is last seen on a train, where he decreases one last opportunity to carry out a magic trick for a kid by returning a brief pencil that the kid has actually dropped, however not replacing it with a the same, yet longer, pencil of his own.

The illusionist looks longingly at a photo throughout the film, though it is never ever revealed to the target market throughout the film. At the end of the movie, an image shows up dedicating the film to author Tati's own child. Throughout the final train journey, the illusionist looks at the picture for a last time, and his hand falls where the image can be vaguely seen, especially in the Blu-ray release. It is evidently the same image of Tati's little girl seen at the end of the film.

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