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One Christmas Eve three people, a middle-aged alcoholic called Gin, a trans lady and previous burden queen Hana, as well as a reliant runaway girl Miyuki, discover a deserted newborn while browsing the waste. Transferred with the unrevealed infant is a note asking the finder to take good care of her and a bag consisting of ideas to the moms and dad's identification. The trio sets out to find the child's parents. The infant is called Kiyoko (清子?), literally indicating "pure kid" as she is found on Christmas Eve.

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Outside a cemetery, the team runs into an upper-level yakuza trapped under his automobile. The guy takes place to know the proprietor of the club Kiyoko's mom made use of to operate in; he is obtaining wed to the guy's child that day. At the wedding celebration, the groom tells them that the child's mom is a previous bar lady named Sachiko. He offers them Sachiko's address, but the event is interrupted when a house maid, revealed to be a Latin American hitman in disguise, attempts to shoot the bride's daddy that a Tokarev TT-33. The hit man abducts Miyuki as well as the child as well as takes them back to his home. There, Miyuki befriends the hit man's partner and also reveals her some photos of her family.

Hana look for Miyuki as well as Kiyoko while Gin cares for an old homeless guy whom he locates dying in the road. After providing Gin a little red bag, the old male in harmony dies. Some teens turn up and also defeat Gin and the departed old man. Meanwhile, Hana discovers the women and also they go off to find an area to stay.

Hana takes them to a club she utilized to work at. Gin, who was found by one more participant of the club, is likewise there. The trio lays out to find Sachiko's residence. They're educated of the dissatisfied connection in between Sachiko as well as her partner. The group rests at a shop up until they are informed to leave by the clerk. Hana falls down, and also Gin as well as Miyuki bring her to the hospital. At the healthcare facility, Gin discovers his little girl, functioning as a nurse. Hana berates Gin before his child and also tornados out of the health center. Miyuki follows with Kiyoko.

Hana and Miyuki locate Sachiko about to embark on a bridge. Sachiko firmly insists that her husband got rid of the baby without her knowledge, as well as they return it to her. Meanwhile, Gin locates Sachiko's husband, who exposes that Kiyoko is in fact an infant that Sachiko took from the healthcare facility. They chase after Sachiko as well as the infant. After an intense auto chase with the city, Miyuki complies with Sachiko to the top of a structure, where Sachiko reveals she conceived, assuming it would certainly bring her closer to her other half. When the child was stillborn, she determined to kidnap Kiyoko from the hospital, assuming, in her sorrow, the infant was hers. Sachiko aims to embark on the building, however her husband appears of his apartment (merely across the street) as well as pleads her to start over with him. Sachiko embarks on however and also Miyuki catches her however Sachiko unintentionally drops the baby off of the building. Hana leaps after Kiyoko. She captures the child and also lands safely as a result of an incredible gust of wind.

Hana, Miyuki, and also Gin are taken to the healthcare facility. Miyuki hands Gin his cigarettes and also goes down the old man's tiny red bag on the floor, revealing a winning lottery game ticket. Kiyoko's genuine moms and dads want to ask the triad to become her godparents. When a cops assessor presents them to the triad, the inspector is revealed to be Miyuki's dad.

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